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Three New Exhibitions To Open At Borusan Contemporary

3 April 2015 Fri

Borusan Contemporary will open three new exhibitions on April 4th.

Borusan Contemporary will open three new exhibitions on April 4th. The exhibitions are “Carsten Nicolai: Strange Attractors”, “Essential Matters” and “Common Ground: Air”. All three exhibitions will be open to the visitors between April 4th and August 23rd 2015.

Carsten Nicolai: Strange Attractors

Curator: Kathleen Forde

Berlin based artist and musician Carsten Nicolai uses scientific models as creative tools to provoke an attention to unseen natural phenomena in his exhibition, “Strange Attractors”. The The exhibition is comprised of different works that range in conceit from the visualization of heat waves to the sonic expression of radiation signals. All of which allow visitors to experience the uncommon experience of recognizing the unnoticeable. At its core, “Strange Attractors”. The transforms the special exhibition galleries of Borusan Contemporary into an environment of elements from snow crystals and clouds, to frequencies and radiation that are intrinsic to our lives but difficult to perceive.

Kathleen Forde is the Artistic Director at Large for Borusan Contemporary.

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Essential Matters: Moving Image from China

Curator: Necmi Sonmez

The group show “Essential Matters”, presents for the first time in Turkey eminent and emerging moving image works from China. With more than 30 new media artists, the exhibition focuses on different generations views of China through certain metaphors in their work. “Essential Matters” has a special place among these metaphors. Artists accentuate different perspectives of viewing Chinese society. The most important feature that makes their work this impressive and genuine is the effort to capture "reality" as framed by their individual, conceptual and imaginary decisions.

The exhibition represents different generations that use video techniques and real time based media, ranging from Zang Peili (born 1957) to Tao Hui (born 1987). This pluralism has been integral to the exhibition's conceptual framework since it both grants the exhibition a historical perspective and enables the viewers to grasp the "differences of approach" in the Chinese contemporary art scene. Seen together, the works offer the viewer a range of fictional worlds to inhabit.

Dr. Necmi Sonmez is an independent curator and art historian based in Düsseldorf.

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Common Ground: Air

Curator: Nazli Gurlek

Under the curatorship of Nazli Gurlek, “Common Ground: Air” is the third exhibition in the series entitled “Common Ground: Earth, Water, Air – Selections from the Borusan Contemporary Art Collection” that is on view throughout 2014-15. This series includes three inter-related exhibitions that aim to offer a thematic look at the Borusan Contemporary Art Collection, selecting artworks on the basis of a shared concern of the concepts of three “commons” including earth, water and air. Responding to the unique and site-specific paradigm of Borusan Contemporary, the works are installed in the public spaces and offices of Borusan Holding.

“Common Ground: Air” proposes to engage with various representations of air, and a series of worldly matters related to air, as a way to engage with contemporary art and the world. The universally shared resources of earth, water and air are also issues whose management bears great importance for our life on Earth with respect to concerns such as equality and sustainability. The exhibition focuses on the meaning of this within the context of a selection of art works from the corporate collection that refer to air in terms of either form or content. Combining many works that are produced through different media, including photographs, videos, neon, and prints, the exhibition comprises different representations of air.

Nazli Gurlek is an independent curator and writer based in Istanbul.

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