Education Programs

Borusan Contemporary strives to open a window into the questioning world of contemporary art for art lovers from all age groups with its selective contemporary art collection and temporary exhibitions. Programs, which encourage individuals’ independent and creative thinking skills, are built on the principle of lifelong learning, to diversify opportunities of understanding and producing contemporary art, and to further intellectual pursuits. The flexible structure of the programs, enriched by their participants, improve the capacity of the individuals while providing an experimental and fun environment in which they explore contemporary, modern, and interdisciplinary applications of art.

Borusan Contemporary’s education programs are focusing on children and youth between the ages of 4-14 with the aim of raising future media artists. The children education programs are divided into two distinct categories. One of them is short-term education programs, which consists of workshops last for two hours in one day, and the other one is long-term education programs, which consists of programs titled Contemporary Art Laboratory, for the ages 4-5 and 6-8, last eight weeks, and also maker workshops titled Making My Own Computer Game, Arduino and Robotics, last four weeks. All of the children workshops are in Turkish.

Borusan Contemporary collaborates with DC Art for its education programs. DC Art develops various education programs for Borusan Contemporary aimed at making people from all walks of life meet contemporary art in line with such an understanding. DC Art is owned by Gazi Selçuk, who has been actively working with numerous public and private schools and also the director of Istanbul Children and Youth Biennial.

For detailed information, you can visit the Turkish page of the educations program on this link.

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