Thesis | Antithesis | Prosthetics

Technological Culture and Art Talks
Curators: Fatih Aydoğdu and Ekmel Ertan

Borusan Contemporary Art / Technology Talks, a collaboration between Borusan Contemporary and amberPlatform, is organized in 2018-2019 under the title of Thesis | Antithesis | Prosthetics - Changing Paradigms. Independently active since 2007, amberPlatform functioned under "Body Process Arts Association [BIS]" between 2007 and 2015 and organized Turkey's first art and technology festival, amberFestival and AmberConference. Since 2015, they have been organizing numerous projects, exhibitions, conferences, and workshops in the field of new media.
In the first part of the four-part talk series, the use of sound in visual arts will be discussed through sound-space relationship and the concept of sound. On the one hand, the pop culture, which plays a major role in the globalization of the world and the avant-garde culture since its inception, will be examined within the framework of historical and sociological development of sound through subcultures and the sound recording archives. Technological developments that perhaps correspond to collage-making and cutting in the visual arts in sound, including mixing, remixing, sampling will be contextualized. Socio-cultural meanings of the concepts, examples of use in the field of art will also be elaborated on. The language of the event series is Turkish. You can visit the Turkish web page of the event series for detailed information.

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