Past Exhibitions

Hybrid Spaces

17 September 2022 - 27 August 2023


Ola Kolehmainen, Untitled (MiN5+6), 2010.
146 x 386 cm (whole). C-print, diasec-mounted, 2 panels,
Ed. 2/6 Borusan Contemporary Art Collection.

Featuring a selection from the Borusan Contemporary Art Collection, the Hybrid Spaces exhibition looks closer to the museum space that is considered “nonexistent” from the perspective of architecture and has a multilayered character due to its  continuous transformation. Borusan  Contemporary  opened  its  doors  to  visitors  in 2011 with the concept of “art in the office”, and it continues to offer sensuous  and exceptional visual experiences to its audience at the “Haunted Mansion”* with numerous exhibitions as well as its collection focused on the realm of new media. The problematique of the “new spaces for art” came to the fore again during the pandemic and opens a debate on the functions and concepts associated with art institutions and their digital accessibility. The exhibition aims to intensify the dialogue between contemporary art and architecture while focusing on the multiple positions of architecture in relation to contemporary art.

Categorizing creative thoughts by framing them in today’s world is a challenge. Under these circumstances, through social, political, and ecological stances transcending spatial design, architecture brings forward several questions by opening discussions on the concepts not yet included in the vocabulary of contemporary art. What do we understand from the democratization of space? What about multifocal transformation instead of multipurpose utilization? Does the classical notion of the museum need   a new audience while it is molting? As we approach these questions from the perspective of creative architecture, it is hard not to notice the convergence between contemporary art and architecture.

As we progress towards a new era in which previous necessities are surpassed, we witness the architects developing different interpretations and plans of action. Borusan Contemporary’s new collection exhibition brings together the creators moving  along this frail fault line without a safety net. Hybrid Spaces positions the “Haunted Mansion” at the center of the dialogue between contemporary art and architecture. It investigates exciting convergences since they have not been defined yet.

*Haunted Mansion is the popular name attributed to Yusuf Ziya Paşa Mansion due to its design and myths associated with the building.

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