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A “boundless” exhibition experience from Borusan Contemporary: Water Reverie

7 April 2021 Wed

Borusan Contemporary brings international names of contemporary art together at its recent collection exhibition, Water Reverie that transcends boundaries by virtue of the New Media. Opening on April 7, the exhibition prepares to yield a particular experience through its configuration, which incorporates AR and VR technologies in the viewer experience, and its selection that permeates the public sphere.

Proposing a supra-disciplinary construal of the Borusan Contemporary Art Collection, which focuses on New Media art, the Water Reverie exhibition curated by Dr. Necmi Sönmez associates the works by international artists like Peter Coffin, Thierry Dreyfus, Boomoon, Ellen Kooi, Frank Thiel, Michael Wolf, Antti Laitinen, Rafaël Rozendaal, Jim Campbell and Maurizio Nannucci with the eponymous poem by Edip Cansever, who is considered among the most notable names of Turkish poetry.

Actually installed at the Borusan Holding’s headquarters, Perili Köşk, which will be accessible via the 360-degree virtual tour on Borusan Contemporary’s website from April 7 onwards, Water Reverie moves to the public sphere with the aid of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies.

Through the AR-supported mobile application, Water Reverie Art Walk, the viewers get the chance the experience significant works of contemporary art in 3D on a designated itinerary along the European shoreline of Bosphorus.

A projection installation produced specifically for the facade of Perili Kosk and a reproduction realized with the VR technology, both inspired by the South Korean photographer Boomoon’s work, Bosphorus Fish Play No. 8, allows the viewers to experience the Strait of Istanbul virtually.

A look at today’s art with Edip Cansever’s verses
Water Reverie
, which presents a selection of works from the Borusan Contemporary Art Collection, is an homage to Edip Cansever, a reputable name of the contemporary literature in Turkey. The exhibition which is derived from the eponymous, ten-part poem written in 1970, revolves around the interactive relationship between the viewer and the New Media, which introduces novel possibilities of expression, while proposing a new interpretation for visual arts.

Contemporary art moves to the public sphere
Moved outside of the Perili Köşk with respect to the strategy of taking art into the public sphere through digital technologies, the exhibition allows the viewers to form an interactive relationship with the artworks. Inspired by the proximity of Perili Köşk to the Strait of Istanbul, the selection of the exhibition includes 12 works, which will be presented to the Public between April 7, 2021–March 6, 2022 along the shoreline of Kuruçeşme-Emirgan. The Water Reverie Art Walk mobile application, which is specifically designed for the exhibition, will show the artworks on designated points with the magnificent backdrop of Bosphorus.

You may follow the updates regarding the exhibition from the webpage as well as the social media accounts of Borusan Contemporary between April 7, 2021–March 6, 2022.

You may download the Water Reverie Art Walk application to your iOS and Android mobile devices from our webpage:

About Borusan Contemporary
Borusan Contemporary is an institution devoted to contemporary art, providing a multi-platform programme of exhibitions, events and educational activities rooted in the Borusan Contemporary Art Collection whilst promoting the production of new artworks and publications through commissions.

Since 2011, these programmes are defined by their specific focus on international artists who work with photography, video, sound, light, software, data and other technological mediums that are, by and large, pertinent to New Media art. 

The exhibition and event programmes take place at the Perili Köşk housing the headquarters of Borusan Holding, thus creating a distinctive art center within an office paradigm as well as an innovative and creative model in the business world.

Perili Köşk’s exhibition and office spaces, Museum Café, ArtStore as well as the terraces with a breathtaking view over the Bosphorus, will be closed to visits due to health measures during the pandemic. You may visit our website, subscribe to our newsletter or follow our social media accounts for the updates.

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