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Borusan Contemporary greets the spring season with three new exhibitions

22 February 2019 Fri

Three new exhibitions will open on Saturday, March 9, at Borusan Contemporary: Bosphorus by Boomoon, Overture: Selections from the Borusan Contemporary Art Collection and They are Uttered and Left Unfinished, All the Loves in the World.

Borusan Contemporary is preparing to bring three new exhibitions to art enthusiasts. The first of the exhibitions is the Bosphorus by Boomoon. Boomoon, one of the most important photographers in South Korea, was commissioned by Borusan Contemporary to make a new work. Boomoon's exhibition of the artist’s impressions of the Bosphorus of light, form, shadow, and reflections will be open to visitors until August 25. Overture: Selections from the Borusan Contemporary Art Collection includes new works recently added to the Borusan Contemporary Art Collection and will also stay open until August 25. They are Uttered and Unfinished, All the Loves in the World presents a selection from the collection; the curatorial framework was inspired by the work of Turgut Uyar and the exhibition will be on view until March 8, 2020.

Bosphorus by Boomoon

Exhibited in 2017, Borusan Contemporary commissioned Finnish artist Ola Kolehmainen to create a body of work based on architect Sinan’s work, initiating a series of artworks by international artists on subjects in Turkey. Boomoon worked in Istanbul in 2018 as the second artist invited to produce a series of new works. The exhibition “Bosphorus“ premieres the artist’s new body of work. Boomoon (b. 1955), one of the most important photographers in South Korea, was invited to Istanbul by Borusan Contemporary to create a new series of works about the Bosphorus. The artist, known for his oversized, impressive natural landscapes, developed a visual language with an emphasis on dramatic elements by focusing on the atmospheric features of the Bosphorus. These works will be encountered by art enthusiasts for the first time in an exhibition curated by Necmi Sönmez.

Boomoon uses visual language that emphasizes dramatic elements, emphasizing atmospheric elements. In this exhibition, he has been looking at the Bosphorus, which has inspired artists for centuries, from a different point. The artist's project, which deals with the moving surface of the waves formed by the boats in the Bosphorus, is built entirely on light, form, shadow and reflections. Boomoon's visual effects of these mobile surfaces are taken in a different language. Boomoon's abstract photographs, the background of the water surface, the light, color, shadow, in this plan also transfers the game to the audience. Sometimes the appearance of fish, sometimes a color prism of what they describe a disappearance of Boomoon's work with a rigorous sense of editing, showing that every detail is shaped by the right.

In the footsteps of Turgut Uyar: They are Uttered and Left Unfinished, All the Loves in the World

The new collection exhibition at Borusan Contemporary is based on the lines “they are uttered and left unfinished / all the loves in the world” by the poet Turgut Uyar, bringing together different tendencies of international contemporary art to questions of aesthetic research triggered by today’s conditions. The exhibition aims to develop a different interpretation model by applying the metaphors of Turgut Uyar, who is considered to be one of the most important representatives of Modern Turkish poetry. The series of exhibitions inspired by the works of poets and writers of Turkey have by now become a tradition at Borusan Contemporary. While bringing together the different tendencies of contemporary art, how these circumstances inform the aesthetic research of artists is brought up as a question.

Since Borusan Contemporary Art Collection brings together the experimental works of artists working in different cultural geographies across the world, it is possible to closely trace the effects of global developments on art. The new visuality that contemporary art presents to the audience by using digital expression techniques is both participatory and experimental. The exhibition aims to make this experimentation, one of the main features of the collection, more visible.

Overture: Selections from the Borusan Contemporary Art Collection

This exhibition is the third in an ongoing series that presents a selection of recent accessions on view in the special exhibition galleries at Borusan Contemporary. The choice of works also functions as a representative snapshot of the geographic, esthetic, and genre based initiatives of Borusan’s recent collecting activities.

Artists include Leo Villareal, Kathrin Stumreich, Eelco Brand, Rick Silva, Edward Burtynsky and Jeffrey Blondes. The works range from augmented reality installations and newly commissioned multichannel video to mesmerizing software driven video, digitized landscapes, and glitch portraits of future bird species.

Jeffrey Blondes’ multichannel film, shot in the Turkish village of Tazlar, unfolds the landscape of the village as it mutates throughout the four the seasons. Edward Burtynsky’s Augmented Reality (AR) Installation invites viewers to explore the recycling of automotive machine parts from a scrap yard in Accra, Ghana in 3 dimensions. In Leo Villareal’s Particle Field software creates moving abstract geometric shapes that never repeat. Villareal’s use of this new media allows him to work in a higher resolution, giving the works a sense of depth, detail, and motion. The Silva Field Guide to Birds of a Parallel Future is comprised of short video clips, rendered in graphics software that presents glitchy, curious ornithological specimens of the future. Eelco Brand uses both paint and digital techniques to create images that reflect his conception of nature. The focal point of Kathrin Stumreich’s Sovereignty is a translucent flag; its movement and choreography is controlled by complex robotics.

All three exhibitions will be open to the public on Saturday March 9. They are Uttered and Left Unfinished, All the Loves in the World will remain open until March 8, 2020, while Bosphorus by Boomoon and Overture: Selections from the Borusan Contemporary Art Collection will be on view until August 25, 2019.

Borusan Contemporary
Borusan Contemporary is a multi-platform program of exhibitions, events, educational activities, new commissions and site specific installations rooted in Borusan Contemporary Art Collection. These activities are defined by their specific focus on media arts broadly defined, i.e. artists who work with time, light, technology, video, software and beyond. Most of the program takes place at Perili Köşk Istanbul, and co-exists with the offices of Borusan Holding, in essence creating a unique museum in an office paradigm. The entire building including the galleries, office space, café, Borusan ArtStore and outdoor terraces with breathtaking views of the Bosphorus are open to the public on the weekends.

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