Talks On Edip Cansever

15 March - 29 March 2022

“Water Reverie” was organized to present a selection from the Borusan Contemporary Art Collection which is concentrated on diverse contemporary art forms predominantly including new media, photography, interactive sculptures, and light installations. The exhibition is presented in the public sphere through Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies. “Water Reverie” sought to propose close readings of the selected works in the context of contemporary literature. As the last one of the presentations prepared by Dr. Necmi Sönmez taking their cues from contemporary Turkish poetry since 2015, this exhibition was designed by looking at a late Edip Cansever poem bearing the same title. Borusan Contemporary presents a public program in the context of the exhibition which brings Cansever’s poetry and contemporary experimental approaches together. The talks in the program give room for new encounters between literature and contemporary art. Moderated by Dr. Necmi Sönmez, Anita Sezgener and Gonca Özmen are the guests of the first talk which will be about the poetics of Cansever. In the second event, the poet’s son, Ömer Cansever will have a conversation on the private life of his father.

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