We are at Contemporary İstanbul!

24 December 2020 Thu

Borusan Contemporary will participate in the 15th Contemporary Istanbul fair, which will be held online this year with a special selection.

The virtual fair, previewed on 19-20 December, will be open to the general public between December 21, 2020, and January 6, 2021. Within the scope of the virtual fair, 10 works selected from works in different media from the Borusan Contemporary Art Collection will meet with art enthusiasts.

The selection includes teamLab’s new media work “Universe of Water Particles”, Sarkis’s “Light of Darkness”, Kathrin Stumreich’s installation “Sovereignty”, Ola Kolehmainen’s “Hagia Sophia year 537 III”, Frank Thiel’s “Perito Moreno #18” and Boomoon’s “Bosphorus Fish Play No. 6” photographs and Choe U-Ram’s sculpture “Una Lumino Portentum”; the paintings on display include Ian Davenport’s “Between The Lines: Dark Red (Flow” and Markus Linnenbrink’s “Takingthingsabitmoreseriousfromnowon”. Ekrem Yalçındağ’s “Feels Like Home 2”, produced site-specifically for the 9th floor of the Haunted Mansion will be shown for the first time through this platform.

The virtual fair can be visited online on virtual.contemporaryistanbul.com.

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