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spot on #6 Paul Schwer

Borusan Contemporary aims to present both its corporate collection and temporary exhibitions to art enthusiasts as an organically unified entity. The fundamental characteristic of the corporate collection is that it is composed of artworks produced using photography, video and multi-media techniques as well as site specific artworks that were created by international artists throughout the Haunted Mansion. To exhibit the Borusan Contemporary Art Collection, we developed a new model of presentation titled SPOT ON, with a different presentation once every three months. As the name implies, SPOT ON is an exhibition model that sheds light on the different features of the collection each time.

Publisher: Homer Kitabevi ve Yayıncılık Ltd. Şti., First Publication December 2013
Dimensions: 14.6 cm x 21 cm
Language: Turkish, English
Editing: Necmi Sönmez
Pages: 20
ISBN: 978-9944-483-56-8

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