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Bosphorus by Boomoon

Infinite Rhythms of the Waves
Boomoon's Bosphorus Series

Boomoon (b. 1955), one of the most important photographers in South Korea, was invited to Istanbul by Borusan Contemporary to create a new series of works about the Bosphorus. The artist, known for his oversized, impressive natural landscapes, developed a visual language with an emphasis on dramatic elements by focusing on the atmospheric features of the Bosphorus. In 2017, Borusan Contemporary commissioned Finnish artist Ola Kolehmainen to create a body of work based on architect Sinan’s work, initiating a series of artworks by international artists on subjects in Turkey. Boomoon worked in Istanbul in 2018 as the second artist invited to produce a series of new works. The exhibition "Bosphorus" premieres the artist’s new body of work.

Boomoon has developed his project from a different point of view on the Bosphorus, which has inspired artists for centuries. As the moving surface of the waves attracted the artist’s attention during his boat trips on the Bosphorus, the whole project is based on light, form, shadows, and reflections on the water. Boomoon, presenting the visual effects of these moving surfaces in a very different formal language, depicts multi-layered impressions to the viewers with the help of the diasec printing technique. These abstract photographs, which cannot be fully grasped at first, show the background of the water surface and the light, color and shadow play in these plans. The sudden appearances and disappearances of fish and color prisms show that Boomoon constructs his works with a meticulous sensibility, paying attention to the smallest of details.

In Boomoon's "Bosphorus” photographs, we are witnessing that many colors, such as blue and green, come together to create a symphony, giving the audience a feel for the rhythm of nature. Even though it will be repeated forever, each time the rhythm of the waves that lead the viewer into different worlds of thought, with references to the Zen philosophy, where water is interpreted as a source of life.

Necmi Sönmez

Boomoon: Boğaziçi | Bosphorus by Boomoon
Dimensions: 29.7 x 42 cm
Language: Turkish and English
Year: 2019
Text: Necmi Sönmez, PhD
Paper: Munken Lynx 300 gr.
Number of editions: 80

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