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Mika Tajima: Æther

3 March - 19 August 2018


In her sculptures, paintings, videos, and installations, Japanese-American artist Mika Tajima (b. 1975, Los Angeles, lives and works in New York) interrogates the techniques and technologies developed to shape and control the human body—its physicality, productivity, and imperceptible desires. From architectural systems to ergonomic design to psychographic data, her works operate in the space between the transient and the tangible, and highlight the complex networks of power and submission that we experience in relationship to our physical bodies and virtual selves.

Mika Tajima, İnsan Sentezi (Tokyo), 2017.
Sanatçının, Van Doren Waxter’in (New York) ve Taro Nasu’nun (Tokyo) izniyle.

Mika Tajima: Æther brings together four distinct bodies of work that speak to the ways our lives are influenced by the invisible forces that surround us, saturate our environment, and ultimately regulate our bodies and behavior: Negative Entropy(2012—ongoing)a series of woven textile works that translate acoustic data into abstract compositions; Meridian (Istanbul) (2018), a light installation that responds in real time to the collective mood of a population expressed on live Twitter feeds; Force Touch (Manu Dextra Sinistra, Horizontal) (2018), a wall sculpture with embedded Jacuzzi nozzles emitting pressurized air; and Human Synth (Istanbul) (2018), a video installation that uses a predictive computer algorithm to interpret future human sentiments as evolving plumes of smoke.

Mika Tajima: Æther is organized in collaboration with the New Museum, New York, and curated by Margot Norton.

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