Frankeştayn Bookstore Is At Perili Köşk!

6 January 2024 Sat

The collaboration between Frankeştayn Bookstore and Borusan Contemporary Art Store has been ongoing since September 2023. Frankeştayn Bookstore is a bookshop and event venue located in the Beyoğlu-Tophane district and it was founded on faith in the ideal of collective liberation, the fluid nature of existence, and plural identities.

In dialog with both the Borusan Contemporary Art Collection and the temporary exhibitions at Borusan Contemporary, Frankeştayn Bookstore welcomes its visitors at Perili Köşk, one of the most notable historical buildings in Rumelihisarı. In addition to art books, Frankeştayn Bookstore presents a wide selection of publications ranging from research on the history of the Bosphorus and İstanbul to studies on ecosystem and climate crisis as well as from children's books to texts focusing on gender equality. Souvenir objects and Borusan Contemporary-themed products are also available in the store. 

You can visit Frankeştayn Bookstore anytime when Borusan Contemporary is open (between 10:00 and 19:00 on weekends), and if you want to experience Frankeştayn Bookstore at other times, you can stop by its main shop in the Beyoğlu-Tophane district.

You may follow Frankeştayn Bookstore announcements on @frankestaynkitabevi Instagram account.

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