Past Exhibitions

Marina Zurkow and Paul Paradiso: Flight (IST, JFK, LAX, LHR)

29 October 2016 - 19 February 2017


Flight examines the notion of air from both poetic and practical views. It is an animated data-driven application that renders a real-time vision of what populates the proximate airspace. The real (airplanes landing and taking off, birds, satellites, clouds, rain, wind) meets data not necessarily credible, such as UFOs.
The current data landscape for Flight detects data proximity to the following airports: Istanbul (IST), London Heathrow (LHR), Los Angeles (LAX), and New York (JFK). By building a database using real-time data from FlightAware, eBird,, as well as local sensors, news sources and censuses, Flight reflects on the complex skies above our heads.
The ecologically inclusive approach of Flight continues the work in Zurkow’s Mesocosm series, also in the Borusan Contemporary Art Collection, where animated, specific landscapes slowly unfold, blending the “natural” and the anthropogenic, natural science and fantasy via a slow, algorithmic trajectory. Flight currently runs on Open Frameworks as a site-specific installation.

Team: Marina Zurkow (concept, animation), Paul Paradiso (technology design), Sam Brenner (Web GL weather, data vis) and Sarah Rothberg (animation, production).

Flight data generously provided by FlightAware.
Bird data provided by eBird.

Please click for the artwork flyer.

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