Past Exhibitions


4 April - 23 August 2015


For the Berlin based artist Carsten Nicolai, scientific models are creative tools used to provoke an attention to natural phenomena that surround us in our everyday landscape. From the visualization of heat waves to the sonic expression of radiation signals, the exhibition Strange Attractors encourages a shift in perception on the part of the viewer that allows for the uncommon experience of recognizing the unnoticeable.

Nicolai’s esthetic is characteristically minimal. However, the content is inspired by nature, the inverse of what one usually associates with austerity. In his work, this organic tension often functions like a dynamic system wherein certain actions and reactions are presented, that then trigger the viewer to continue to philosophically work out those relationships.

At its core, Strange Attractors transforms the special exhibition galleries of Borusan Contemporary into an environment of elements from snow crystals and clouds, to frequencies and radiation, that are intrinsic to our lives but difficult to perceive.

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