Borusan Contemporary Art Collection

Volume 3 - Borusan Contemporary Art Collection

From the foreword
At Borusan Contemporary, working with many different curators and artists is key to the mission of our exhibition program. This strategy is rooted in a desire to foster an exhibition platform for a variety of creative perspectives from the international contemporary and media arts landscape.

In tandem with this initiative is a dedication not only to collect existing work, but also to support artists via the commissioning of new work for the collection and building. Together, these pursuits naturally generate an abundance of dialogue surrounding the collection, the various methodologies of presenting the work in exhibitions, and the diverse ways in which artists go about conceiving of and producing new work.

When the idea arose initially to publish a third volume of Works from the Borusan Contemporary Art Collection, there was discussion of how to continue the series while at the same time creating a unique and lively addition to the first two volumes. It ultimately became clear that conversations between artists in the collection and curators who have some sort of history or working relationship with Borusan Contemporary, unfolding in a series of live interviews, would offer a different viewpoint on the collection than a standard catalogue essay.

Katheleen Forde
Artistic Director at Large, Borusan Contemporary

Borusan Contemporary Art Collection volume 3

Publisher: Borusan Contemporary, October 2017
Dimensions: 40.5 cm x 30.5 cm
Language: English
Text: Kathleen Forde, Edward Burtynsky, Choe U-Ram, John Gerrard, Ali Kazma, Ola Kolehmainen, Rachel Rossin, Rafaël Rozandaal, teamLab, Frank Thiel, Universal Everything, Marina Zurkow, Emre Baykal, DooEun Choi, William A. Ewing, Rudolf Frieling, Christiane Paul, PhD, Necmi Sönmez, PhD
Pages: 144
Paper: GardaMatt Art 200 gr. and  Favini Burano 90 gr.
ISBN: 978-605-67553-0-9

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