Remains of the Days
Universal Everything , Screens of the Future, 2016
Intersect No.2, 2013, Courtesy of Shulamit Nazarian, Los Angeles
More & More (the invisible oceans): Turkey, 2016
Herbert Brandl, Untitled, 2007
François Morellet, Ready Remake No: 1, 2012
Ellen Kooi,Schoten-Waterlelies, 2014
Remains of the Daysis an exhibition that corresponds to the sixth anniversary of Borusan Contemporary, which was founded in 2011. Having brought a different perspective to the Istanbul contemporary art scene with its exhibitions and events, Borusan Contemporary molded an experimental character of its own, both with its collection and its select exhibitions.Remains of the Daysaims to reveal this particular character and to encourage a dialog around it.

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